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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 13, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. we are live at the san mateo bridge causes some delays, we will tell you what to expect. they are hoping to get answers in a homicide investigation this morning. we will tell you why they are calling a woman's death
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suspicious. and a coming is on -- college is on lockdown following a bold crime. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. complete bay area coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to you december 13th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, steve, should we be worried about frost? >> well, i have seen a little bit of that and don't forget your pets as well. polk valleys and yes, there are some critical manipulate mums. and -- minimums here is sal.
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traffic does look good as you head to the high-rise with no major problems. there is a little bit of a backup in some of those far left lanes and for the most part there is a slight back up on the san mateo. let's go to tara moriarty who has been following this story since 4:30, tara? >> reporter: it left about 15 minutes ago but it has impacted traffic on 792 westbound and we are just after the high-rise. the chp said a driver slammed m seat and she was killed in morning. the sedan was driving at 3 miles per hour and they were experiencing some mechanical
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problems but the suv came up very quickly and could not break in time. it does not appear alcohol played a role in this crash. the impact was just very distraught and the driver from the scene had to be taken and we are told there was no child in the car and however we are told the victim who was here was indeed a young mother. i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:02 overnight in san francisco, a bicyclist was seriously hurt after being hit by a between a street traffic. his injuries are considered not
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life-threatening. her body was found where san fernando crosses over the quat -- good loop -- yacht loop river. >> reporter: somebody passing by here looked under the bridge and spot add woman down on the ground here among the dirt and trees. police received several 911 calls that a woman was spotted. there are no obvious signs of trauma and they will continue to trees this case. police know transients are known to frequent the area and the coroner said the woman appears to have been homeless but they don't know for sure. they say she was wearing a
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black checkered shirt and they are having a problem locating her. students were finally allowed to leave their dorms and classrooms and they had been inside while police searched for two men believed to be on campus. the suspects by the way were not found. the police chase spanned 3 counties. they part of a plan and this is in southern california, three of them were caught, one led police and chase through los angeles county and take a look at this scene, he was running
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across a field. we will have a live report from syria. it went off -- it was a bomb blast that went off by a school in damascus. it exploded in a residential area. reportedly at least half of those killed were women and children. also for the first time, he had reportedly losing the civil war. house speaker john boehner and president barack obama do not seem to be any closer to avoiding a fiscal cliff. continuing negotiations into
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the next year. they say they will announce governor jerry brown has been diagnosed with early prostate cancer. governor jerry brown did not reveal anything about his cancer when he met in silicone valley with ceos yesterday. >> he was as he always is, insightful, cite tall and violent. one would never know in they will be treated with therapy and they say the prognosis is excellent. you will find more on our website about the governor's diagnosis and there is a full statement released from his office. just look on the hot topic
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section. pam and dave good morning to you both, incase you are just joining us, we had a couple of slow downs. it is not a bad day getting through the tunnel and it looks like metering lights come on at 6115 and -- 6:15 and right now they are definitely on with metering lights. we had that earlier problem and traffic is recovering there. lanes have been opened and dumbarton bridges are a safe alternative getting to the peninsular. 6:07 let's go to steve. this is a very good cold
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morning. i saw people walking around like this, now in the sun, it is cold all over the place here ins mountains it is cold there too. this is one of those days. clouds get up over the hills and a shower or two is possible but greater opportunities are tomorrow. patchy fog to the north, it is not pie spread. it has some support over water and when it goes over land it doesn't fall apart. take your pick, there is a couple up into the county and below freezing to the north.
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40 degrees in it what it is definitely cold and there in lies a very challenging forecast for yours truly, why? because a little zigzag means the difference between clouds and rain. watch what happens along the coast. san francisco, oakland, san mateo, santa cruz coast could be getting rain, antioch, brentwood, oakland could be cloudy and it is that close. the deal is another one comes by on saturday and so it is tough to pinpoint these. i think saturday we have an opportunity for some rain here. chilly and breezy, cold out there, low for many, watch out for black ice in some of the higher election have as. i think sunday is okay, i really do and increasing clouds
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on monday. highest tides are coming to bay area beaches. look at that big sign there. the high tides are ready to peak this afternoon. king tides usually happen in the colderred months. we had one in november and two more are expected in january and february coming up at 6:30 brian flores has been out there and he will show us what is happening in sol alito. >> you might have noticed it, loud commercials, the new rules starting today. and it has been a hot topic in alameda, but not everybody
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is on board, the city is considering to ban drones. [ male announcer ] steak combos.
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. welcome back, there are reports that the satellite launched by north korea is out of control. they are burning something for their leader. the united nation's council
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also condemned the launch. berkeley can become a no drone zone and the resolution comes after the alameda sheriff's office said it should be used in emergency situations only. some council members are concerned about safety, civil liberty violations and possible electrical interference from the drone. >> shin saysel is being -- google is being criticized for cutting its tax bill by $2 billion. we are hear from congressional leaders about the fiscal cliff crisis.
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business executives are demanding a deal immediately. >> reporter: dave, more than 160 chief executives just wrote this letter to congress pushing for the gop fiscal cliff. they say they are willing to swallow higher tax rates and they were warn them, there is a crate call meeting and the unemployment rate could suffer. they are asking them to compromise what taxpayers are saying in my next update, carla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are learning new information about the plane crash killing jenny rivera.
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their learjet went down in northern new mexico . according to the los angeles times, an executive is accused of faking safety records of the planes he bought and rivera was in the final stables of buying. the. the driver said his car got stuck on the train tracks. they were heading to sacramento and was not going very fast at the time of the clicks. fortunately nobody was hurt. time now 6:16, ordering online may seem like an easy way to shop but a lot of people are not getting their park ands. because criminals are stealing
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them. the 70s monumental highlights, the civil war directed by steven spielberg and it is in the lead with 7 nominations, tied with second place, iran hostage crisis and the terrible tino movie starting jamie foxx. as a mother, the popular hbo series for best drama cease series. by the way the golden globes will be presented january 15thth. the calm act, it is designed to do away with blaring television commercials geese into effect today. they are going to make sure ads
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are the same volume they are seen with. now theyco wrote the law. >> we will we do have 880 traffic as you mentioned and the traffic looks good if you are driving north or south and i have that picture there on the left and northbound on your right. metering lights came on early and we have a backup which stretches beyond the 880 over crossing which translates to a delay request you may is --
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translates to a delay. poke valley, it's going to be a very cool, breezy day. patchy fog, a little possible early morning, then we have build ups in the hills and there could be a shower or two, better opportunity comes tomorrow. 35 concord, by the way we have a smart phone, buchanan field, don't freak out, it is clear 35 degrees. it fits cold and the observation comes out and said 30s. that puts it and we will bring it right down to the coast and i will fine tune that. morning fog but patchy and again not a lot but it's cold. probably 49 towards ukiah and
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clear lake a little bit of black ice in some higher locations. we are unsettled on saturday, monday increasing clouds. economy mists say it is a store that sells electronics because of the storm. people began replacing and we repairing the ones they lost. new unemployment benefits are lower than when the storm hit. 333,000 people filed and it is close to a four-year low. economists planned to see it low but not that low. we'll see how they react. trying and you don't have
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. the concert was held at madison square garden den and a lot of money was raised through ticket sales alone. some of the other performers, bruce springstein and alicia keys. no comments from justin bieber for reports to kill him and his bodyguard. a new mexican guy in a prison wanted to kidnap justin bieber and his bodyguard and cass trait him. he is so obsessed with him he had a tattoo of him on his leg. every precaution is being taken to ensure his safety along with his fans worldwide. police say reports of stolen packages have gone up
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and they are warning customers, be careful when you order a package. police in fremont said they get reports of stolen packages and the rush gives criminals more chances to strike. they are expected to deliver 527 million packages this season and one man caught the criminal on surveillance cameras. >> just the way he did it, it seemed like he had gotten away with it a few times before. >> ups recommends a shipping method which requires a signature or you can reroute it to a different facility. they want to hire the brightest and most talented. they say facebook is the best company to work for in the world. they chronicled an average of 5600 a month and it is a fierce
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battle to find good people. they are luring people to drop out of college with big pay days. >> 6:26 is the time, sal did quite well without a college degree, you know. >> some of those same people trying to get into the silicone valley and it will be slow in cupertino, and it is already crowded with crowded conditions trying to get into those areas. if you are driving on the sunole grade, 68 is 0 is crowded through fremont. let's go to steve. it is cold out there but when i get close to the bay it seems like a lot of low 40s and it will be a cloudy day. so bundle up, low 50s pam. police are working to
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figure out what caused a woman's death. what they say happened under a bridge just a few blocks from hp pavilion. we are keeping an eye on king tides and we will tell you whether you can see some flooding. and the opening bell is coming up, we will tell you there next.
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>> >> welcome back, we are celebrating not one, but 2. they are while lions pay thed -- highly anticipated in the bay area and we are hoping for 13 to $15 a share but there is the opening bell and they are
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excited. over on the new york stock exchange another ipo that hit, they are based out of texas so it's a good sign to have some going public in this atmosphere. >> we will smile and say thank you for joining us thursday december 13th, i am dave clark. >> time now is 6:30 and in overnight news, we have been following since 4:30 crews have cleared a fatal crash. a woman passenger in the sedan was killed. the chp is was investigating the possibility she was not wearing a seat belt and investigators do not think she was wearing a seat belt in that crash. the death of a woman found on a street is being called
6:32 am
suspicious. >> reporter: pam, they say the woman appears to be homeless but we just don't know yet. transients frequent this area and live under this bridge and this is where the woman's body was found. officers were called to san fernando which is a few blocks away from hp pavilion. when officers arrived they confirmed she was dead. there were no obvious signs of trauma to her body and it appears she recently died. homicide is investigating and because of the circumstances they say it is suspicious. they say the woman was wearing a black checkered t-shirt and a jam what -- pajama jam bot tom's and they are having a
6:33 am
hard time reaching her next of kin. they will hear from the victims. a former girlfriend said he was quitting his job and selling his stuff and moving to hawaii. his mother does not understand what her son did and has no explanation. he is accused of killing a man and woman and wounding a 15- year-old girl. now the man, steven foresight was a husband and father of two. and the girl is recovering from surgery who was shot in the chest and the other woman who died was a hospice nurse. he was gunned down tuesday night while unloading groceries
6:34 am
from his own car, he had two grown children. >> just the kindest man ever. >> and he works hard, he is my role model. >> neighbors at the housing develop said they have been concerned about safety since the developer closed their offices this year. sun's family said they hope to help. when the king tides will really -- when will the king tides really peek, good morning, brian. >> reporter: this is really calm right now but we expect the waters to rise and they are expected to peak later this morning. in terms of the king tides,
6:35 am
they are a yearly event and they are expected in the colder months. but with respect, it is sometime 10:00 or 11:00 this morning. >> there will be many parts of the bay area that are inundated. there are already some today. >> you can expect to see scenes with the bay breasting at 24:00. scenes with the -- scenes with the bay bridge at 2:40. people are also asked to take pictures and asked them to submit them and that's a website where you can submit
6:36 am
them as well. we are expecting surges as high as 9 to 10 feet in some locations and we are keeping an eye on this this morning. you heard brian say on our website, on our website there is a link and you can share any photos you take of the king tides and scientists want to see it. the recording of a roar and revving of his car could get a san francisco police sergeant in trouble. now social media posts that sergeant was driving 100 miles per hour while drunk. coming up you will hear what he has to say about it. and they plan to transfer control from the city to the
6:37 am
courts. the deal stems from the riders' police corruption stan scandal after -- scandal after oakland failed to complete man dear reform. >> they will be giving escorts to the bart station and bart in san francisco is adding extra patrols to the stations downtown. let's go to sal to check on the morning commute, sal? we have a busy commute and we are getting to the peak hour sometime between 6:30 and 7:30 when everybody seems to get on the road. we had some busy traffic coming in from berkeley and vallejo. i keep looking with chp and we had some slow traffic and with the toll plaza, everybody wants to know what that looks like and it is 20 minutes before you
6:38 am
make it on to the bridge yourself. and in livermore valley, it is getting much busier and it gets better by the time you reach dublin. 880 slowing after 238 and it does get better but still not along backup but it is coming and if it is a difficult -- typical morning, 647 let's go to steve. and it is all the way to the santa cruz mountains and it's a cold one out there. poke valley 29 degrees. yesterday we had active weather and more of the same is likely tomorrow, tomorrow breezy and very cool. there will be sun in the morning. we have a little lifting and it
6:39 am
would not take much there are some clear areas here. it is 31 in ukiah, and along the coast, there are chilly readings. the system coming in tomorrow will split and it is a really challenging forecast because we don't handle these systems well. it goes parallel to the coast and some areas may get rain or not. we could have arraign or not and that system is just a great forecast. it is cold out there so bundle up. 52 napa, petaluma, walnut creek, a little warmer by the
6:40 am
bay, berkeley 54 even though it is 38 there now. 53 milpitas. 51 woodside. anybody near the bay? it looks off and on and monday is looks okay with increasing clouds. the peak is around midnight with as many as 100 shooting stars per hour appearing to shoot away from gem my but we are likely to have cloudy skies so you might want to watch around 7:00 p.m. when the showers start. i think i thought one. thousands of am end students were on lockdown for hours. and after complaints from many people, the feature is
6:41 am
finally making its way back to apple iphone starting today. traffic is moving well on northbound 101 approaching the 880 split, we will tell you more about the commute and the bay area weather.
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6:43 am
. well, pretty picture here, mostly clear, it is cold.
6:44 am
i mean 30s, a lot of 30s near the bay, highs are in the lower 50s. here is a look at some of the top stories we are following for you, san mateo was cleared after a point was further a crash. several people were involved and a female passenger was killed. police in san jose are investigating the death of a woman whose body was found under a bridge a couple of blocks away from the hp pavilion. the cause of her death is unknown but investigators are saying it is suspicious. we are expecting the highest tides of the year. king tides are expected this morning and there could be some
6:45 am
flooding. well many were asked to spend time in a lock down last night. here is the details of what those students had to go through and why, good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, pam. students now returning to classes and classes are resuming as scheduled but there is an added security and we have already seen police officers patrolling about as two armed robbery suspects are still on the loose. on the campus, it was locked down for eight hours and they were wanted to 50 and there was a high-speed chase which ended up in fullerton and the five
6:46 am
suspects all dumped out of the vehicle with their masks after the crash. three suspects were immediately captured but two were able to escape. one suspect they saw go into a building on the southeast portion of this campus so they tried to evacuate the building. this was a building that was in a lock down and they locked down the campus. they had several going door to door and nothing was found. they do not believe the suspect is still on the campus one of the two suspects and those two suspects are still on the loose but they are beefing up security here and added patrols on the campus to sway some of the concerns of the students this morning. >> bob, i know you said the security is up and you don't believe they are there, but what are you hearing are people
6:47 am
holding classes as usual. were lots of terms that the suspects were on the loose. >> reporter: they know three of the five suspects which have been captured. they do believe they did a thorough search. some of the students are concerned and i'm sure some will stay away. back to you. and bob fuller tone at the college -- fullerton at the college campus, thanks for that story. there is an investigation of a controversial video of a lamborghini speeding through the broadway tunnel. >> here we go... [ car revving ] >> now that tunnel has a 35 miles per hour speed limit and this video of police sergeant
6:48 am
carl, it was in the prod way tunnel in the bam poring and he said everybody was drunk at the time. >> and the supervisor said they are investigating that video. overnight ktvu channel 2 morning news received an e-mail which said, quote, i was not driving 100 miles per hour in the broadway tunnel and i was most definitely not drunk. my assertion that i was driving that fast was an estimate and my comment was simply tongue and cheek. john mcafee arrived after being deported from guatemala. he has been on the run from belize where he is wanted for questioning in the killing of his neighbor. john mcafee said he is happy to talk to police from belize if
6:49 am
they come here from the u.s. google's new iphone apps are available and it comes three months after that and apple maps are causing the ceo to issue an apology. in contrast google said its new app is superior to its previous version on the iphone. the california agency of the east bay span of the bay bridge canceled a public relations contract after terms of the deal were made public. coming up what the san francisco pr firm was paid to do and we will hear more about the sky-high price tag. >> sal, any troubled spots? >> i just got off the phone with bart central. very latest information as you know we had some earlier delays and she said, we have pretty --
6:50 am
we are pretty much back on time. she even said it with that inn tone nation. -- said that with that in her voice. so let's go and take a look at northbound 101 as you approach the 880 split, there are no major problems and traffic looks good. i actually like the people at bart central. they are very friendly and it's backed up to the mcarthur maze. no major delays, no major people on the bridge. i didn't mean to say that. westbound 92 and 84 traffic is moving along well. speaking of major people, there are a few minor people on the bridge but the major people will show up later. you made us laugh, thank you sal. 43 san francisco state, there is a lot of 30s around all the way north to south,
6:51 am
take your pick. mostly 30s, not much of a breeze, partly sunny and cloudy later on. in between, we could still get a pop up shower there could be one or two. very cold unstable air mass, we really don't get much heat, breezy and cool, and the system is coming up tomorrow and we have a better opportunity for that. 30s and if you combine the north wind with that, sonoma windchill is 28 degrees. this will be a day where it's very chilly in the sun but not too bad but it will not get above 53 or 54. this system will split and give us rain but it favors areas closer to the coast and bay but it is that close. 50s on the temperatures low 40s and a little warmer towards the
6:52 am
bay but not a lot. warmer 50s at best. inland temperatures and some of the higher elevations, woodside 51, menlo park, a lot of 45s for current temperatures. we have a broad brush on saturday and a few showers and it looks okay sunday with a few increasing clouds. prices fell and most of the decline came from lower gas prices. it is 4.6% and it is the biggest drop since 2009. overall, wholesale prices have risen just about 1.5%. they have now offered travelers an offer to avoid check baggage fees. it is up to $88 for a round trip ticket but it lets you
6:53 am
check baggage or change reservations without a fee. it will continue to sell traffic at their basic rates. protesters are planning something at uc berkeley and what they plan to do and why it has to do with the salvation army, we will explain. and the reason you may get the cold shoulder from some flight attendants. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever.
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. welcome back, we have a live look at the big bored, the dow jones industrial average is down just a little bit, we have some good earnings and retail sales, we talked about the weekly jobless claims down, so good news overall. some good news if you are flying on cap pacific airlines. they threatened to withhold food and alcohol and they may not even smile during flights. there is a pay despite going on. they want a pay raise and flight attendants say if the no smiles approach does not work they may go on strike. it may be the busiest, more
6:57 am
than 93 million americans are expected to fly in january. that is up 6% since last year and a record amount is going up at least 50 miles. experts say the areas will be more crowded because they have also raised prices. green bray police are searching for a bank robber and they need your help. it happened a long marin county at 5:30 p.m. yesterday. the man handed a note to the teller and walked out with a bag of cash. the robber did not show a weapon or even suggest he had one. he is described as white, grayish blond mustache and was wearing a black cap and pants at the time. protests will be trying to ban a proposal. they will be raising funds for
6:58 am
the salvation army on campus at 10:00 a.m. they are protesting a student senate resolution but urges them to ban army bins claiming they discriminate against gays and lesbians. there is a change that may come soon at moffett field. now google has offered to restore the hanger in exchange for a long term lease at moffett, however they may decide to sell off the property because nasa says it costs too much to maintain it. >> coming up at 7:00 let's check in with sal for the commute. there is slowed traffic all over the place but we don't have any major problems. bay bridge has a backup of 20 minutes before you make it on to the span. san mateo and dumbarton is also looking good over to the peninsular.
6:59 am
let's go to steve. there is a lost cold lows out there. san francisco is holding on to 40 degrees at the culdesac 39 in pacifica and even on the coast it is chilly. cool and breezy today low 50s for many. coming up, concerns about flooding and riding waters. the highest tides of the year will get here in just a couple of hours. also, what police are saying about a woman's body up next.


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